Daiouji Temple

This family temple was founded in 1604 as Yuzanji Temple by the first lord, Date Shigezane who was assigned to Watari, and moved his father Sanemoto’s ancestral mortuary tablet here from Yorinji Temple. Later, it was renamed Daiouji Temple. Within the temple precincts are the graves of successive clan leaders and their wives, and the mortuary tablets are kept in the main hall. The original temple building was lost in a fire, but Sanmon gate that was rebuilt in the late Edo period remains and is a designated cultural property of Watari town. The land that Daiouji Temple stands on formerly belonged to Ozutsumi Castle, the castle of Watari, the feudal lord who ruled the land of Watari from the Kamakura to the Muromachi Period.

TEL 亘理町立郷土資料館0223-34-8701
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