The Castle by the Station, Yurikan

The view from the observation hall on the top floor. The Pacific Ocean can be seen in the distance.

A unique facility connected to Watari Station

Yurikan is a facility that opened in 1994 to serve as a cultural hub for Watari Town that would stand out even from a distance. This is connected to JR Watari Station, with the first floor serving as a museum, and the second floor serving as a library. The fifth floor, which is the top floor, has an observation hall, which provides a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the Zao mountain range.

Exhibits featuring armor worn by the generals of Watari.

The museum that showcases the life of Date Shigezane

Seeing Yurikan up close, you will be surprised at its size. Its wide base looks much heavier than regular castles. This is not because it was modeled after the old castles of Watari, but rather, it turned out this way when it was designed to incorporate the space needed for the interior facilities with the castle design. For those who are interested in Watari’s history after touring the spots related to Date Shigezane, you can see valuable documents and replicas of armor up close at the museum located on the first floor.

You can find out more about Watari's history at the exhibition corner.

Date Shigezane, the man who founded Watari

The museum is separated into categories, like Watari’s archaeology, history, customs, and the Watari-Date clan, making the exhibits easy to understand. The corner on the Watari-Date clan is especially detailed, with a comprehensive explanation of how Shigezane laid the foundations for Watari’s modernization. After having a look at the museum exhibits, you can take the elevator up to the top floor and enjoy the beautiful view of Watari.

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