Watari Onsen Tori no Umi

The outdoor bath with an excellent view. This overlooks the entire Tori no Umi area.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the east, and the Zao mountain range to the west

The 5-storey building of Watari Onsen Tori no Umi stands out in the Tori no Umi area, which is undergoing restoration works. This is a hot spring resort that is popular among many tourists, and the main bath is located on the top floor of the building. The bath provides a view of Oshika Peninsula and Kinkasan in the Pacific Ocean to the east, as well as the Zao mountain range which lies on the border of Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture to the west.

The bath overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean while soaking in the water.

Soaking in the bath while enjoying the different views of each season

Overlooking the sea and the mountains, Watari Onsen provides spectacular views of all the four seasons. Visitors can enjoy the sight of birds migrating to Tori no Umi in spring, the lush greenery in summer, the red maple leaves in autumn, the snow-capped peaks of Zao in winter, and the beautiful blue of the Pacific Ocean throughout the year. You will never get tired of the changing scenery of the seasons here. Besides the excellent view, the slightly alkali hot spring water is also a big plus. The hot spring water here is known to be good for various ailments, in particular bruises, lower back pains, and cold hands and feet. Also, the water improves skin metabolism, making your skin feel smoother, thus earning itself the name “bath for beautiful skin”.

An increasingly popular destination for a hot spring day trip.

Alternating gender baths daily

The bath is separated into two areas, with one facing the sea and one facing the mountains. These baths are alternated for male and female guests every day, which means that you can enjoy both views if you visit two days in a row. Both baths also have an outdoor bath, which allows you to relax in the bath while feeling the sea breeze. After enjoying your time at the sea, warm your body and soul in the natural hot spring waters of Watari Onsen Tori no Umi.

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