Surfing at Tori no Umi

Many surfers flock here during the holidays.

Surfing that began at a swimming beach

People began surfing in the Watari area from about 30 years ago. This started at Arahama Beach, where a surfing club was formed, and surfing began to become popular in Watari. At that point in time, Sendai Port Beach was a famous surfing spot known nationwide, which saw the number of surfers in Miyagi Prefecture gradually increase.

One of the perks of surfing is being able to make many friends. Everyone cleans the yard together.

Best for a slow, relaxing surf

“Most of the people here like to surf leisurely in calm seas,” says Mr. Zanma who runs a surf shop “Real Surf” at Tori no Umi. Located near the surf spot, regular customers often use his shop as a clubhouse. Free trial lessons for beginners are also held during the warm season. These lessons are conducted by Mr. Zanma, a friendly instructor, who is also in some sense a legend among the surfers of Arahama.

Real Surf, located close to the Tori no Umi Bay.

Still enjoying themselves in the seas of Watari even after the quake

There are separate areas for longboards and shortboards in Arahama. This was the case even before the quake hit. “No one felt like surfing for a while after the quake. But slowly more and more people said they wanted to…everyone really loves surfing with a passion,” remarks Mr. Zanma with a smile. People of all ages surf in Arahama, with people in their teens to their 60s. These surfers all rest at Real Surf in Arahama. The shop building was swept away by the tsunami, but it reopened in 2014. Many surfers continue to gather here now as well.

Triton, a surf shop with a friendly owner.

Surfing at the beach known for its singing sand

Slightly south from Tori no Umi is a surf spot named Yoshidahama, which is known for its singing sand. Many surfers, including beginners, flock to this beautiful sandy beach. A surf shop called Triton is located nearby.

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