Strawberries in Watari

Season : December〜June

High-set benches make for easy picking.

Watari, the largest production area of strawberries in the Tohoku area

Watari-cho has a mild climate throughout the year and is called the "Shonan of Tohoku" (Shonan is a region in Japan with famous beaches). Watari-cho has a suitable climate for cultivating strawberries. Watari-cho is known for the "largest production of strawberries in the Tohoku area" and many of the strawberries are shipped under the name of "Sendai Ichigo (strawberry)." You can enjoy strawberry picking in town and the best time is in the spring.

Enjoy strawberry picking to the fullest in a spacious greenhouse.

Watari strawberries recovered from the earthquake disaster

Although Watari strawberries boasted the largest production in the Tohoku area, due to the tsunami from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011, producers suffered greatly and 90% of them could not operate their farms. Due to the massive damage, there were many farmers who thought of giving up on growing strawberries.However, with support from numerous volunteers, "ichigo danchi (strawberry housing complex)" was established using a federal grant, and they were able to start farming again. Resurrected from the earthquake disaster, Watari strawberries will continue to deliver their "deliciousness" and promote reconstruction.

Watari-cho's strawberry picking runs from January to May yearly.

"Mouikko (one more)" is the main variety

"Mouikko (one more)" is Miyagi's original variety of strawberry and it is mainly produced in Watari. Since it is characterized by its big refreshing sweetness and abundant juiciness, its name reflects its deliciousness, which makes you want to grab one more without even thinking.Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and dietary fiber and are a great fruit for preventing illness and maintaining health. Enjoy the delicious strawberries to your heart's content as you have fun picking strawberries in Watari.

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