Natural landscape in Watari

Crimson clover blooming in red around early-May

Mt. Zao, starry sky, flower garden

Watari-cho is full of nature. The scenery of Mt. Zao as viewed from the town is another source of pride. On a clear winter day, you can clearly see the snow-capped Mt. Zao. On winter nights, enjoy the starry sky around Lake Torinoumi. You will see red crimson clovers in early summer and sunflowers in midsummer at the flower garden by the bank of Abukuma River.

On a sunny winter's day, looking west from Lake Torinoumi, you can see the majestic peaks of the Zao mountain range.

Mt. Zao and the starry sky as viewed from Watari

Watari is situated in southern Miyagi, around the estuary of Abukuma River. From the rural landscape stretching across Sendai Plain, you can see Mt. Zao over the Abukuma Mountains, such as Mt. Shiho and Mt. Kuromori. Especially in winter, you can enjoy the mountain views of the peak of Mt. Zao covered with pure white cotton-like snow. We also recommend astronomical observation on winter nights. There are few artificial lights around Lake Torinoumi and the sky is wide open, so you can see plenty of stars color the night sky.

Sunflowers that bloom in yellow in early-September

Okuma flower garden, a beautiful manmade view along Abukuma River

Okuma district, in the northern part of Watari-cho, where the Abukuma River flows. Okuma flower garden is located at the river bank, with the railway bridge of the Joban Line in the background. Crimson clovers and sunflowers, taken care by local volunteers, bloom each season. Since it is right by the railway bridge that goes over Abukuma River, you can also enjoy the scenery from a moving train.

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